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Basic Rigging (1 Day)

This class will cover the basics of entertainment rigging. Students will learn about the forces involved and the hardware used on a daily basis. They will also learn how to create safe basic rigging systems.

Intermediate Rigging (2 Days)

In this class students will learn about system design and some of the math required to design those systems. They will learn about basic counterweight and arena rigging functions and the specialized hardware used in those styles of rigging. Practical rigging skills will be taught in the training facility.

Advanced Rigging (2 Days)

Students will build on the skills developed in the Basic and Intermediate classes. More advanced calculations will be discussed and students will learn how to figure out loads for entire rigging systems. Students will learn more advanced techniques in all styles of rigging and will learn how to calculate loads for counterweight systems and how to call points in an arena setting. Students will pull points that they mark in the training center.

Counterweight Rigging (2 Days)

This class is entirely devoted to counterweight rigging and is an in-depth survey of the history and equipment used in this style of rigging. Students will learn how to safely operate these systems. They will also learn some of the tricks used to deal with out of weight situations, which is very common when setting up a show. Students will also learn how and when to inspect their equipment in between the third-party inspections.

Arena Rigging (3 Days)

This class will focus on skills needed to work as a ground rigger and beginning high rigger. Students will learn about the equipment used and the math and techniques necessary to do the job. Students will learn the basics of calling out points and marking the floor. They will also get the opportunity to pull points from steel beams in the training center at a comfortable working height. A fair amount of time will be devoted to fall protection concepts and equipment as it is a very large part of this type of work.

Hardware Use and Inspection (1 Day)

This class will cover the standards used by manufacturers to design hardware. We will discuss the real differences between domestic and imported hardware and learn proper inspection techniques for many pieces of commonly used rigging hardware.

Rigging Math (2 Days)

This course is entirely devoted to rigging math. We will go old school and learn how to perform many common rigging calcs with a pencil, paper and calculator. Once those skills are mastered, we will explore modern tools available to help with your rigging planning. This is an excellent class to help refresh your math skills for the ETCP exam.

Lift Training  (1-2 Days)

During this class we will learn about the differences between the lifts that we use in the entertainment world. Students will learn proper use of the equipment and how to conduct the pre-shift function test required by the manufacturer and OSHA. A lift training certificate is possible for this class.

Fall Protection (1-3 Days)

These classes are based on practical experience and the codes and standards that oversee the world of fall protection. Classes offered include:

  • Competent Person Training (2 Days) – Based on ANSI standards and OSHA 1026 and 1019 codes, this class will help students identify hazards and give them the tools to correct or mitigate those hazards. Students will become aware of all the tools used in fall protection and will learn about proper inspection and documentation.
  • Rescue Planning (1 Day) – According to OSHA, a fall arrest plan is not complete without a rehearsed rescue plan. Although we hope it will never be needed, the rescue can be the most important part of the plan. We will look at different tools we can use to determine plans and examine the different systems available to accomplish an efficient rescue.


Other classes in development:

  • Basic Rope Access Techniques
  • Site Safety
  • Rescue Planning
  • AV Setup for Meetings
  • Autocad for Riggers
  • VW for Riggers
  • Crane and Lull Rigging
  • Basic Automation
  • Production Management
  • Show Operations
  • Cable and Terminations
  • Rope and Splicing
  • Rigging Inspection
  • Technical Theatre for Educators (week-long intensive)